Health, Wellness and Safety Fairs including Volunteer and Vendor Fairs

Health fairs can be held indoors or out. Inside, we can transform just about any area into an exciting event space, including: common areas like conference rooms, lunchroom/café or empty office or warehouse space.

Most often, spring and summer weather allow us to take health fairs outdoors where employees can enjoy a festival-like atmosphere, either in a tent or using colorful umbrellas for coverage.

Expanding the concept beyond a traditional benefits fair, you might want to add high-impact components like: health screenings, flu shots, electronic golf swing analysis, a climbing wall, massage or more.

An outdoor summer health fair created a relaxed environment.
Special features such as a rock climbing wall and virtual hang gliding can be added to your health or safety fair.
A 50's theme makes a health fair fun.








Event Types
Holiday Parties and Celebrations
Health, Wellness and Safety Fairs—including Volunteer Fairs and Vendor Fairs
Picnics and Off-Site Events—including Teambuilding
Business Meetings, Seminars and Kick-Off Meetings
On-Site Celebrations and Tented Events
Corporate Family Events—Kids Holiday Celebrations

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